Botany in 8 Lessons (Student text)

Botany in 8 Lessons (Student text)


A complete curriculum designed for ages 8-14.  Includes both student text and teacher’s activity guide.  Over 200 pages, color illustrations included.



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For information about the curriculum, please see the product description on the main curriculum page, either the paperback or the digital download version (info should be the same).

This booklet is just the first half of the full curriculum book.  In the full curriculum book you get both the student text and the teacher/parent section with all the activities.

This student booklet is being made available as a convenience to people who are doing the curriculum with more than one student and would like each student to have their own copy of the student text.  (You are also free to make copies of pages for multiple students if that option suits you better.  You are not required to order these student booklets.)

About the student text:  The 100-page student text has 8 chapters, and each chapter is divided into two levels.  All students complete level 1.  Students who are younger or who have limited interest may want to stop after level 1.  Level 2 provides additional information on the same topic for students who want to read more.   You can choose to do some level 2s and skip others.  At the end of each level there are review activities such as quiz questions, crossword puzzles, letter puzzles and Internet links that provide videos or online activities.  The table of contents is included with the free download of the first two chapters.




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