“Sail the Seas”


Purpose of activity:

To learn (or review) the names of major bodies of water.


This game is for 2-4 players (possibly as many as 6 if you can get everyone around the map) and is played in a manner similar to the card game “Spoons.”  Players circulate the cards one by one, always passing them in one direction.  Players try to collect 4 of a kind as the cards circulate past them.  Categories include starting with a letter of the alphabet (A, B or C), double letters, colors, explorers, named after countries, touching Canada or Russia, straits, points of the compass and names that remind us of animals.  Bodies of water includes seas, bays, gulfs, straits and one ocean (Southern).  As soon as a player collects 4 of a kind, he puts his tokens on those four places.  Sounds easy, but some cards are in more than one set, so it could be a mad dash to see who can place their tokens first– only one token per body of water!  The game is fast-paced and competitive, but the games are short enough that you can play many times and hopefully each player will win at least one round.

Target age group:

ages 9-14

Time allowance:

15-20 minutes to assemble, and each round of play will take anywhere from 1-10 minutes.  Play multiple rounds.

Materials needed:

Copies of the pattern pages on white card stock, scissors, clear tape, 4 identical tokens for each player (small candies, upside down golf tees, or anything else you want to use).

Click here to download the patterns and instructions

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