This page gives you the printables from the curriculum “Rocks and Dirt.”   It is intended to be a helpful resource for those of you who purchased a hard copy of the book and would like to print out some of the activity pages either from your own computer or at an office supply store or print shop. (If the print shop gives you a hassle about copyright, show them the note on the back of the title page of the book, giving permission to purchasers to make copies for their homeschool or single classroom.)  Instructions are not included in these downloads since you already have them in your book.

Chapter 1 activities:



Chapter 2 activities:



Chapter 3 activities:

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap3 mineral cards

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap3 agate craft


Chapter 4 activities:

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap4 Edible Rock activity pictures

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap4 Rocky Road cards

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap4 review quiz and cooking mining

“The Rock Song” (with vocals):

“The Rock Song” (accompaniment only, karaoke version):


To download both audio tracks, click here:  Rock Song download


Chapter 5 activities:

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap5 coccolilthophores

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap5 Limestone Game board

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap5 Limestone Game cards


Chapter 6 activities:

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap6 box pattern and flow chart

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap6 box pattern and flow chart


Chapter 7 activities:

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap7 Grand Canyon drawing from chapter text

RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap7 ocean graph, shrinkies, edible stratigraph graph


Chapter 8 activities:


RocksAndDirtPrintables_Chap8 everything except Rock Hopping

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