Pop-Up Bunraku Theater Scenepopupbunrakudisplay2.jpg.w560h420

Purpose of activity:

To supplement your study of Japan and/or Asian theater

Target age group:


Description of activity:

A pop-up picture showing a typical scene from a Japanese Bunraku theater performance.  This type of theater is the main subject of the popular book The Master Puppeteer by Katherine Paterson.

Time needed:

This really depends on the age of assembler and how quickly (or slowly) he or she works.  For the average students, allow about 45 minutes (including both coloring and assembly).  However, you know your students better than I, so you can probably judge how long it will take just by looking at this sample picture.

Materials you will need:

Copies printed onto card stock, colored pencils, scissors, white glue
Click here to download patterns and instructions for the Bunraku theater
Click here to see a short video clip of a Bunraku theater performance

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