Map of Japan Project


Purpose of project:

To provide a very basic introduction to the geography of Japan, and also to experiment with the art technique of drawing with a wax that will resist the application of a water-based paint.

Target age group:

Ages 7-11

Description of project:

Students label and color map of Japan.  Crayons are used to color the islands so that when a blue watercolor wash is applied, the wax resists the water-based paint and the islands don’t turn blue.

Time needed:

About 30 minutes (very much depends on how fast your students color and if there is any wait time for use of paint, such as there might be if you are working in a group)

Materials you will need:

Copies of the map on card stock, pencils or pens, crayons (white, tan, greens), blue watercolor paint, large brush, water, paper towels

Click here to download patterns and instructions

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