“Loot the Pirate Ship”


Purpose of game:

To practice multiples, divisibility rules, and to recognize prime numbers

Target age group:

ages 8-11

Description of game:

Players operate one or more ships which are assigned a number (2-9)  Pirate ships launches invisible cannon balls of certain sizes, indicated by numbered cards (2-99, or higher if you want).  Players must match these numbers by using multiples of their ship numbers. If they can match the cannon ball, they advance to the next wave.  When at least two ships are alongside the pirate ship, the ship can then be boarded and looted (loot having been stashed inside the pirated ship at the beginning of the game– coins, candy, or whatever is appropriate for your players)

Time needed to play:

30-40 minutes

Materials you will need:

Copies of the pattern pages printed onto card stock, scissors, clear tape or a glue stick, “loot” (whatever treats you want to provide)

Click here to download patterns and instructions

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