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Designed for ages 8-11 (some 12’s would enjoy it, too)


For each chapter of Daniel, there is a lesson containing historical notes to go with the story, suggested discussion questions, and some kind of activity.   The activities include the following:

1) A booklet called “Welcome to Babylon” giving information and activities about the Babylonians (things Daniel had to learn).  This booklet includes pop-up pictures, a mini-booklet of the story of Gilgamesh, two art activities, a cuneiform writing activity, and some informational pages about Babylon.

2) An edible craft (“wall” cookies with “mene mene tekel upharsin” written in chocolate)

3) A fill-in-the-blank read-aloud story of the lions’ den (group activity)

4) A cut-and-assemble lion with wings (from Daniel’s vision)

5) A “ram versus goat” action pencil topper

6) A review bingo game with two rounds of clues (the second round is called “Who said this?”)

7) A 6-page readers’ theater skit called “The Soap Opera Before Christ” making the confusing history of the inter-testamental period understandable and memorable

8) A plot diagram for the Bible

9) A 3D paper star craft

Viewpoint: Traditional, non-denominational Christian, with a very straightforward, historical approach to the prophecies (does not apply prophecies to current events)

Click here to download the entire Daniel unit

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