Color Mixing Challenge

artist-paint-palette-art_palette_1This activity is very straightforward.  The students are given a small amount of acrylic paint in the primary colors, plus white, and are told to mix 10 different shades of blue and green, 5 shades of red, 6 shades of brown and 4 shades of yellow. Each time they mix a new shade, they paint a sample of it on a circle on their paper.  A pattern page with blank circles is provided for you (copy onto heavy card stock paper).

Target age group:

any age

Purpose of activity:

to experiment with paint and discover color combinations that will make many different shades of the basic colors

Materials needed:

copies of the pattern page printed onto heavy card stock paper, small paint brushes, paper towels, paper plates to use as palettes (or half-sheets of card stock), a bowl of water to rinse brushes, acrylic paints in these colors: red, blue, yellow, and white (NOTE: Try to purchase the most “true” colors you can– a royal blue, a true red, a medium yellow.) Time needed to complete activity: about 30 minutes (not including set-up and clean-up time)

Click here to download Color Mixing Challenge

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