Color-it-yourself anatomy (internal organs) T-shirtAnatomyTshirt

Target age group:

ages 7-12

Purpose of activity:

To review general information about internal organs

Description of activity:

Patterns are provided so that you can either draw this design yourself or you can take the design to a T-shirt print shop and get it professionally printed onto a shirt. (This second option is very nice if you are doing the project with a large group that can a discount by placing a group order.  In my area there is a T-shirt company that can give rates as low as $6.50 per shirt for a group order.)

Time allowance:

30 minutes (or more) for coloring, and another 30-45 minutes if you are drawing the design onto the shirt by hand

Materials you will need:

White T-shirt, pattern(s) printed onto paper, pins to hold pattern in place, fabric markers, and possibly a fine point Sharpie for drawing the detailed black line drawings

Click here to download (do-it-yourself) T-shirt patterns

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