Blood Cell Bingo Game


Purpose of activity:

To review information about all types of blood cells, both red and white cells.

Target age group:

ages 10 and up (great for high school!)

Time allowance:

5-15 minutes per game (play multiple games)


This is standard bingo except that the board is made of moveable, double-sided pieces.  The players can choose from two types of images: 1) histology slides (real cells under a microscope) or 2) three-dimensional images from SEM or computer graphics. The players arrange their 4×4 board using either side of their board pieces. (Picture here shows board pieces before being cut apart.)


There are four levels of clues, so the game can easily be played multiple times.

Also included are two “cheat sheets” that can be handed out to the players, making the game more of a learning activity and less of a guessing game (since the clues require remembering facts).  One cheat sheet is a table of facts about leukocytes and the other is a flow chart showing cell lineage.


This game is recommended as a review activity, not as a method of initial teaching.  However, you might want to take a look at the cheat sheets and see if they are something you want to use during your teaching.

6  Copies of pattern pages printed onto card stock, some copies on regular paper, about 15 tokens for each player (pennies, candies, etc.)

Click here to download Blood Cell Bingo Game

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