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The following downloads are provided for those of you who purchased a hard copy of this curriculum.  These are color copies that you can print out on your own computer or take to a copy center. (Downloads provide color patterns only, no instructions.)

Antique map images for the “Mapping the World with Art” curriculum
(These are antique map images that are easily found online using Google image search. I’ve just gathered them together into one place.  This is a 20-page PDF file of hig- resolution images.)
Portolan maps for game in activity 7B
Game board pieces for activity 9F “Pirates of the Mediterranean
Santa Maria paper model pattern for activity 10A
Decorative border for 11F (you can print it onto antique-looking paper)
Game board pieces for activity 17B “The Spice Islands Game”
Pattern for octahedral globe, activity 23F
Prime Meridian photo for activity 28D

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