3D Drawing – Group Game

This activity is ideal for art classes, but will also work at home with just two or three students.  It’s great for any age, but you do need to be able to draw basic 3D shapes such as a cube or a pyramid.  A review page showing what you need to be able to draw is included with the instructions.  Each person does their own whimsical 3D drawing, but all members of the group contribute an idea for element of the drawing.   My middle school art class enjoyed it so much we had to do it two it two weeks in a row.

Target age group:

grades 2-8 (but high schoolers might enjoy it as well!)

Number of students:

minimum 2, no maximum

Purpose of activity:

To practice 3D drawing skills while at the same time engaging in constructive social interaction with peers

Materials needed:

paper and pencils

Time needed:

Very flexible, but at least an hour (not including preparatory instruction time for students who need to review how to draw in 3D). You could also do several shorter sessions instead of one long one.
Click here to download instructions for 3D Drawing Group Game

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