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Welcome to my world of EDUCATIONAL INVENTIONS!

         I've been building and inventing educational things for the past 20 years, including educational games, projects, songs, activities, skits, plays, textbooks, hands-on science exhibits, and published books. 

         This site really is like putting my basement online.  One by one, I am working my way through the stacks of things sitting on my shelves, digitalizing them, and posting them for anyone who might find them useful.  Individual items are posted as FREE DOWNLOADS.  I've also written some full-length curricula (during my years teaching science to classes of homeschooled kids ages 8-14) and they are available under the tab CURRICULA FOR SALE.  You can also snoop around and find out some others things I've done or am currently working on. 

         Happy browsing!

TIP:  If you have trouble viewing the slide show, viewing files, downloading files, or reading downloaded files, you might need to update your browser (Firefox, IE, etc.) or your PDF reader (Adobe Reader).  Please try updating these before contacting me about problems downloading or reading files. If your problems persist, please e-mail me and let me know. Though I am not an IT person, I try my very best to provide prompt attention to problems with the site.