3: Lipids and glycerol Quiz

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  1. What is a good source of oleic acid?1
  2. What is required to attached a fatty acid to a glycerol?1
  3. What common household item is glycerol most like?1
  4. What molecule can attach to one, two, or three fatty acids?1
  5. How many fatty acids does a diglyceride have?1
  6. What is the process called when two molecules are joined together by taking an OH off of one molecule and an H off of the other, and form water as a byproduct?1
  7. Which of these words is actually related to the “lin” in linoleic acid?1
  8. Which of these fatty acids is the shortest?1
  9. What do you call fatty acids that our bodies cannot make but must get from food?1
  10. Which of these statements has nothing to do with why unsaturated fatty acids look bent at the end?1
  11. Does glycerol ALWAYS have three fatty acids attached to it?1
  12. Does it matter if you have a lot of triglycerides floating around in your blood?1
  13. Which are liquids at room temperature?1
  14. What makes a saturated fatty acid saturated?1
  15. What kind of cell stores triglycerides?1
  16. Which part of a fatty acid is the acid part?1
  17. How many carbon atoms are in a glycerol molecule?1
  18. What is another word for glycerol?1
  19. Where do you find a lot of palmitic acid?1
  20. What does the 3 mean in an omega-3 fatty acid?1
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