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NEW!     This 300-page coloring book is full of interesting facts about the elements and the stories about how they were discovered.  PLUS, you get some word puzzles, as well as several games.  The last section is a question bank, giving easy, medium and hard clues that you can use for many games.  This title will NOT be available as a digital download, only a printed paperback.  Due to potential high volume of sales, I will be letting online book distributors do the packaging and mailing for me.  Just go to your favorite book outlet (Amazon, Barnes&Noble, BookDepository, BooksAMillion, etc.), type in the title and my name, and it will pop right up. If you like the book, please consider leaving a positive review at the place where you purchased. Thanks!

What’s New:

This site really is like putting my basement online.  One by one, I am working my way through the stacks of things sitting on my shelves, digitizing them, and posting them for anyone who might find them useful.  Individual items are posted as FREE DOWNLOADS.  I’ve also written some full-length curricula (during my years teaching science to classes of homeschooled kids ages 8-16) and they are available in the STORE.  You can also snoop around and find out some others things I’ve done or am currently working on.  Happy browsing!