Re-modeling the Mind



This is for those of you who enjoyed The Brain curriculum and would like me to recommend an introduction to the science of personality (basically an introduction to psychology, but not actually a psych text).   Brains are dynamic, self-organizing systems that will try to find the most efficient mode of operation.  There are “givens” at the start– traits you are born with– that develop over time into a balanced operating system.  (A more complete description of the the book’s contents can be found on the Amazon page.)  This book was written by my sister, who also wrote the text for Excavating English.

Remodeling the Mind — click here for the listing on Amazon

The book was written for adults, but a high schooler interested in psychology would not find it too difficult.  The writing is clear and not overly technical (unlike many psych books).  Understanding how other people think is a great skill to have BEFORE you go out searching for a life partner (or best friend), so high school or college is a good time to be introduced to these key ideas.  (Be assured, this isn’t just the “same-old, same-old” personality typing.  Please see the complete description on the Amazon page.)