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I had just ordered a box of new Elements books when a customer helpfully pointed out a typo on one of the Quick Six cards in the activity section.  Even after so much proofing and vetting, still a typo!  Just shows you how hard it is to be perfect.  I went and made the correction and uploaded the corrected version to the website right away so all the digital downloads are the corrected version.  I also updated the file at my online publisher, so all future paperbacks will be the corrected version.   However, now I have this box of books sitting here that is the “old” version.  The typo is just one letter (Sb instead of Sg) but now my conscience won’t let me sell these old books at regular price.  It’s a terrible shame to just throw them out for the sake of one stupid letter, though, so I am running this sale where you can pick up these books at 75% off regular price.

I will tuck the corrected page into the book at the right place so you won’t have to hunt for the typo.  It’s a page that I expect people to print out for themselves, anyway, so you can get the corrected page by clicking here Elements Quick Six page_Sg correction

I only have 29 copies, so get them before they’re gone!


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