Art for grades 6-12




Please note that the price listed here is only for the Composition and Design class.  The other listings are provided here simply as a convenience to you.  Registration and payment for them will not be through this website.  (Probably just bring payment to class with you the day of.)


COMPOSITION and DESIGN  (geared to grades 8-12, but open to motivated 6-7)

Wednesdays, Sept 5- Oct. 10  (12:30-3:00)


       This class offers an intensive introduction to the basic concepts on which all art forms are based.  “Composition” and “design” are fairly abstract concepts, so this class will be difficult for the younger end of the age spectrum.  The ideas being presented will be the same ideas that you would find in any basic design class, even in intro classes at the college level.  We’ll take a look at many famous pieces of art, including one of my favorites, Vermeer, and analyze their compositions.  Our own artwork will begin by creating “works of art” with only a few dots and lines.  We’ll learn how important “negative space” is, experiment with line quality and simple colors, and learn how to use a paper frame to help us compose our own art.  There will be quite a few learning worksheets, plus hopefully a few finished pieces of art of their own.  I know the class time is a bit lengthy but we can take a break in the middle if necessary.  Students can bring a snack if they need to.

If your student is unsure about whether they will like this class or be able to make sense of all this stuff, they are welcome to come the first day and try it out.  I am not going to overly worry about pre-registration for this particular class.  Just show up if you are interested.



Other opportunities throughout the year, listed here for your convenience.  (This page is not set up to handle registration for these, only for the Comp and Design.)

 “MAPPING the US with Colorado”  (part  “STEAM” day on Dec. 13)


I need volunteers to try out this new idea I have.  I am working on a way to draw the USA from scratch using nothing but a paper pattern in the shape of the state of Colorado.  Everything else in the drawing is based on the Colorado rectangle. Sounds crazy, but I am going to try!   If it works, I might make the idea into a short curriculum of some kind.



Feb. 14

     This is still in the planning stages.



Pi Day: March 14  (12:30-3:00)

     This won’t be the same as last year.  We’ll do some new topics, probably incorporating things like the Fibonacci sequence, “phi,” and the golden ratio.  More details when available.


ART ACTIVITIES as part of “STEAM” day on May 2.  

     Details not available yet.