Art for grades 6-12




Class size is limited.  Please email me ahead of time, before using this page for payment.  (Materials fee can also be brought day-of as cash or check.)

How to use this product page:   All these classes are increments of $15.  For printmaking, just choose quantity “2.” The sibling discount (SIBLINGDISCOUNT coupon code) should still work.   (I know this is kind of strange, but it cuts down my time spent on admin, adding more pages.)

IMPRESSIONISM      November 21 (Tues.)  (9:30-3:30)

$15  (Siblings half price)

We’ll look at the works of quite a few of the Impressionist painters (Monet, Degas, etc.) and learn what Impressionism was all about, then we’ll paint a few of our own Impressionistic paintings.  (We’ll do some color theory and color blending exercises before we tackle doing a whole painting.)   You don’t need any previous art experience for this class.  Just come with an open mind and willing hands!

PRINTMAKING      January 3, 4 and 5  (10:00-3:00)

NOTE:  Postponement of this class is possible.  More info soon.

$30 (Siblings are half price)

 Our featured artists will include classics such as Durer and Rembrandt, but will also include some names you might not be as familiar with.  We’ll learn about many printmaking techniques including woodcut, engraving, etching, lithography, and silk screen.  We’ll watch some demos of the ones that we can’t actually do ourselves, but we’ll try out as many of these as we can– linoleum cuts (similar to wood cuts), relief printing, silk screen, and maybe a few odd-but-fun ones.

The early January date was intentionally chosen so that these dates will hopefully not conflict with other classes or programs you might be starting again in January.  If we have terrible weather, we really don’t have a back-up plan.  If one day ends up being a snow day, oh well.  If the weather looks REALLY bad, we might just postpone the class until until May.

MATHEMATICAL ART      March 15  (10:00-3:00)

$15 (Siblings are half price)

This the day after Pi Day (3.14).   Keeping up the enthusiasm for math, we’ll enjoy the more geeky side of art.  We’ll do hands-on projects with fractals, tessellations, perspective, the Golden Ratio, and much more.  Don’t like arithmetic?  No worries, you’ll enjoy mathematical art.  (The Pi Day math exhibits will also still be set up and you are welcome to enjoy those if you did not get to come to Pi Day.)