These games come with my recommendation. I will only list games that I feel are above average and have sufficiently high educational content to be worth playing.

Science Games

Math Games

Vocabulary Games

  • “Free Rice”  A game where you win free rice (to donate to a poor country) by choosing correct answers on a multipe choice vocabulary quiz.  They have also expanded to include topics other than English vocabulary.  They have French, art, and lots more.
  • “Bookworm Adventures” I almost removed this link because the format has changed (it used to go directly to the game, now you have to click the yellow DOWNLOAD button).  My intent is not to advertise or sell for any other site, so this is kind of “if-y” now.  However, since you can still download a sample that gives you 60 minutes of play time, I’ll leave it up for now.  This is a word-building game and was probably my kids’ all-time favorite computer vocab game.  The game is very clever and super fun; always gets 5 star ratings wherever it is evalutated.  They now sell it as an app, too.

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