Resources for learning French

French numbers bingo This is a very straightforward game, and one you could probably design on your own, but it’s just so easy to click and download…

“The Hungry Rabbit Game”    This is for the beginner who is learning color words.  The game board is a path of flagstones leading to the farmer’s garden.  Each player gets a rabbit token to hop along the path, hoping to get to the carrots and cabbage before the farmer catches him.  (Might sound a bit juvenile to play with middle school, but I played it with my middle school group and they enjoyed without any complaints of it being beneath them.)

Fill-in-the-blank worksheet for parts of the body

I created this just because I could not find one online that was better than what I could draw myself.  It’s nothing spectacular, just a cartoon body with parts to label, but perhaps you might be able to use it.

“Mangeons”  A game about food

This game is at beginning level and introduces many basic food words in addition to some simple phrases such as “Do you have a ___?”  I needed something really basic for my class and most food games I found were too complex, so I had to create my own. Each player receives a place mat printed with a place setting.  On the plate are written the food groups they must collect.  There is a deck of food cards that get distributed to the players and they ask each other for cards similar to a “Go Fish” game. (And no dessert until you have all your meat and vegetables!)

Lyrics for “Je Suis Une Pizza”

I did not write this song.  This is an all-time classic, with several music-video versions on YouTube.  I searched the Net for lyrics and finally found them listed, but without translation.  I put everything together for you on one page.  The music video is easy to find.  If you type in “Je Suis Une Pizza Song” on the YouTube search bar, it will probably come up as the first option.

Resources written in French (for French speakers or for advanced students of French)

These are French versions of games I have listed in my other download sections.

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