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If you happen to live within driving distance of Youngstown, Ohio, you might want to know about a new two-day homeschool program that is opening in fall 2017. Their science program will be based on all my materials.



Mapping the Body, module 4

is started, but will be on-going for quite a while.  Life has taken unexpected twists and turns, and I will not be able to focus on just this project alone.  So while it is on-going, it will be open and free of charge.   (One factor is that I am currently teaching several classes who are studying rocks and minerals and I’m ending up having to write my own materials as I go.)


The Elements

The Elements has been updated.  The new, “fourth” edition is what you get when you order either here on my site, on Amazon, and at any place that retails my books.  The new edition has much more information in chapters 6, 7 and 8, plus a new craft, a new skit, and some new activities.


“Mapping the Body with Art”  (Anatomy and Physiology for grades 8-12)

The first module is now for sale in my estore.  It covers a thorough review of cell biology and essential biochemistry and can be used as a cell biology course (without continuing on to more A and P). The first module has 24 lessons, many hours of video, and lots of extra activities. Free sample videos are available on the description page in the estore.

Module 2 (Lessons 25-29) focuses on embryology and is listed as a free course in my estore.

Module 3 (Tissues, which includes the immune system) is done and is available through the STORE.  I might still add a few things, but it is very usable as is.  The fourth module, on organs, does not yet have a release date.


Mapping the World with Art

Errata: Drawing lesson 4 on DVD 1. Apparently, I switched Corsica and Sardinia. They are labeled correctly in the booklet. (I guess after multiple “takes” for the video, my brain glitched). I give everyone my most sincere apologies and will try to figure out a way to amend the DVD somehow.

Need some help with Captain Cook’s Island Challenges?  (new copies have this)

First challenge:  1)S, 2)R, 3)I, 4)D, 5)O, 6)V, 7)B, 8)F, 9)K, 10)U, 11)C, 12)J, 13)Z, 14)E, 15)A, 16)T, 17)L, 18)G, 19)P, 20)H, 21)Y, 22)X, 23)N, 24)M, 25)W, 26)Q
Second challenge:  1)F, 2)D, 3)N, 4)U, 5)O, 6)V, 7)R, 8)A, 9)L, 10)B, 11)G, 12)P, 13)J, 14)Q, 15)I, 16)M, 17)S, 18)K, 19)C, 20)H, 21)T, 22)E

Cells  (0ld copies only)

March 2012: In answer key for chapter 8, number 8 should say “centrosome” not “c.”  In question 10, the word “cells” should be singular not plural. Downloads and hard copies purchased after April 1 will already reflect these changes.

November 2014: On page 57, I rewrote the first paragraph to make it clear that the oxygen atoms in the carbon dioxide that is discarded were already attached to the carbon atom when it was still on the pyruvate. So all the enzyme scissor had to do was make a snip.  I redrew the picture as well, taking out the O2 molecule so the drawing reflects the words of the text accurately.

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